Friday, January 29, 2010

We Are Homeowners - Yay!

Since about 9:00am (after 45 minutes of signing and initialing papers), we are homeowners! I'm sure it will seem real after we move in -- and I can hardly wait.

The owner's son is living there and packing her stuff. He has 30 days to move, but he thinks he'll be done by mid-Feb. That would be wonderful but we're planning on a late Feb/early Mar move, just in case.

I met both realtors (ours and theirs) at the house last night to look at it again, go over any last-minute questions, and to learn how to light the sunroom heater. From the sunroom, we were treated to a beautiful view of the nearly full moon rising behind the branches of the huge trees in the backyard. It was especially lovely since we can't see the moon from our current apartment.

We want to pack as much as we can (especially things like glass, china, and Roger's books), then have movers pack the rest and move all of it to the new house. I've been researching movers and have learned a lot about choosing a reliable, professional full-service company. I think we're going to use Personal Touch Moving, Inc (located in Lake Orion, MI). Their Better Business Bureau rating is A- and they are about $1,000 cheaper than Corrigan Moving Systems (which several friends have used; Corrigan is near Detroit and has a A+ BBB rating).

I'm so excited about the house I'm having a hard time focusing on work. I've never wanted to move before and now I can hardly wait to do so. I'm looking forward to having more room, a yard (with bird feeders!), and no more neighbor kids playing Wii over my head or shrieking under my feet.

As a parting gift to our apartment neighbors, you are invited to a reenactment of Riverdance after our apartment is empty. Be sure to wear your hard-soled shoes! I'll provide loud Irish music and all you have to do is jump around a lot.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kindle Addiction

I'm not saying I quickly adapted to my Kindle, but yesterday I was reading a printed book and I keep wanting to click the built-in dictionary... Sad, eh?