Saturday, September 09, 2006


Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

“The audience needs to come with me and be there with that animal. If we can touch people about wildlife, then they want to save it. ... My job, my mission, my reason for being on this planet is to save wildlife. Thanks for coming along!"

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Wild animals everywhere have lost their greatest friend and champion. After all those close calls, I still can't believe a mere stingray killed the seemingly immortal Crocodile Hunter. Rest in peace, mate. I'll miss your boundless enthusiam, your love of life, and your love of wildlife.

Visit the Animal Planet Tribute Site to share your thoughts or photos, send condolences to the Irwins, donate to the Wildlife Warriors Fund, or watch clips from The Crocodile Hunter.


Horror Movie Whore said...

Hello Cat Bastet

I saw your post on Steve Irwin not long after you put it up, and didn't really have anything to say about it at the time. However, just today (Sunday) I had a Steve Irwin moment, and thought I would tell you about it.

I spent the bulk of the day fishing in the intracoastal waterway that makes up Florida's east coast, and, as often happens, I managed to hook a couple stingrays. As I wrestled with them, trying to get the hook out without killing them or getting stung, I remarked to my fishing partner something crass, along the lines of "I hope it doesn't stab me in the heart", and we laughed about it. (I should say right here that I liked Steve Irwin, although he was an easy target for sarcasm).

Anyway, later in the afternoon, we had the good fortune to see a pod of dolphins, just off the side of our boat herding up smaller fishes, circling them, then diving into the fray to feed. It was truly spectacular, and both my fishing partner and I agreed that it was a "Steve Irwin" moment. And for what it's worth, there was no sarcasm in our voices or intentions as we watched the wonder of nature unfold before us. It was something I think very few people from most of America will ever see in person, but thanks to Steve's love of nature and his tireless efforts to bring the beauty of nature into our living rooms, people in Idaho can at least get an idea of how amazing the the animals of the earth behave. Rock On, Steve.

The Cat Bastet said...

Horror Movie Whore said...

"It was truly spectacular, and both my fishing partner and I agreed that it was a "Steve Irwin" moment."

And he would have said something like, "Crikey, look at that! What beautiful animals!"

It's heartbreaking to watch the re-runs/tributes on Animal Planet and see Steve's boundless love of animals and life.

What senseless, tragic loss.