Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Like Father, Like Daughter

In the news today: Bindi Irwin gets own wildlife show. I admire the Irwins for going on with the show under such sad circumstances.

On a related note from a Sept. 27, 2006 interview: Widow: 'Croc Hunter' thought he'd die young. She thought he'd fall out of a tree, he thought it would be a car wreck. (I -- and probably the rest of the world -- figured it would be a crocodile or a great big snake.) Neither of them dreamed it would be a Stingray. It still really bothers me that he died from something so stupidly rare and not usually fatal. How tragic.

UPDATE: Oct. 19. A Florida man survived stingray stab in the chest because he didn't try to pull it out. I can only imagine how awful this must make Steve Irwin's family feel. You can't help but wonder "what if...?".

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