Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Progress, At Last

I saw the sports doctor yesterday. We are both pleased with how much my tendonitis has improved. I'm done with physical therapy, only use ibuprofin for inflammation, and am doing my home exercises every day. I'm doing so well that I didn't need to schedule another follow-up appointment! I now see the sports doc on an as-needed basis. Hoo-ray!

I continue my home exercise plan and wearing my brace for another 3-4 months. It I get the faintest twinge of sharp pain, I see the sports doc again, but right now everything looks very promising!

Since typing is one of the things that makes the tendonitis worse, I asked if he had any advice for how to deal with teaching three on-line classes this fall. In addition to being as ergonomic as possible, he recommend dictation software: here's the Mac version. I ordered my copy today. He said once you get used to it, it's very efficient and he uses it all the time. I hope it's as easy as it looks! Of course, I will be blogging about it once I get my copy. :)

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