Friday, February 08, 2008

Winter as it Should Be

For the first time in years, I have a snow day today! (U of M closing last Friday, a day we don't have class, in anticipation of bad weather we did not get, does not count!)

Yesterday we got a foot of snow. One report said we were getting an inch an hour but judging by the amount of snow each time I cleared off my car, I'm sure it was faster than that! It was so heavy I couldn't see a block away. It was so heavy that snow accumulated on the roof of my car, then slid down on the windshield in an avalanche so heavy the wipers couldn't move. I was so glad to get home and out of the mess! All the schools, including U of M, closed early.

Since a snow day is an unexpected gift from God, and rare indeed at U of M, I decided to enjoy my holiday. I mostly spent it cuddling with my cats and reading The Bradbury Chronicles by Sam Weller.

So much for global warming, eh? :) This is winter as is should be, the kind of winters I grew up with: lots of snow with an occasional snow day. I just wish the meteorologists would stop acting like snowstorms are something new!


Jason Fisher said...

So much for global warming, eh?

Was that a joke? I don’t want to go off half-cocked if you were just kidding. But I assume you know you can’t correlate quotidian weather with the larger patterns of climate, right? :)

The Cat Bastet said...

Yes, that was a joke. I added a smiley to make it clear. Thanks!

Jason Fisher said...

Sorry if I got my panties in a bunch. It’s a hot-button issue for me. :)