Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Big Move

This afternoon we moved the cats to the new apartment. It went much better than I anticipated!

First we brought over all the cat paraphernalia (blankets, toys, food, treats, etc.) and I plugged in the Feliway (happy pheromone dispenser) in the bedroom.

Then we brought the cats. I sprayed the towel in each carrier with Feliway, of course. My husband coaxed Sophie, our neurotic Siamese Snowshoe, into the larger carrier and I put Saffron, our sweet little orange cat, in the small one. Sophie cried a little in the car, but there was no yowling or panicking. Whew!

In the new apartment we put the carriers on our bed and let the cats out. They quickly explored the bedroom, master bath, and walk-in closet. Both were fascinated by the shower stall and wanted that door open so they could go inside. LOL. Even clear doors must be open. :)

Saffron quickly wanted to explore the rest of the apartment and examined the place like she was deciding whether or not to buy it. In just 15 minutes she had made the rounds a few times, then went back the bedroom and started eating. That’s my adaptable girl!

Poor Sophie was very nervous and hid in the closet under my hanging clothes. She hissed at me a little and just wanted to hide. We were both afraid to leave her anywhere unsupervised, so we carried her back to the bedroom and closed the closet door. She explored the apartment for a while, then settled under my husband's desk and seems to want to stay there!

It’s now about 7:30 pm; the cats have been here since about 3. Saffron is clingy but eating and drinking. Sophie wasn’t interested in eating until I offered her some Gerber’s chicken baby food. Now she’s back under the desk.

This is going much better than I expected. What a relief!

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