Friday, August 01, 2008

Saffron Update: Mixed News

I took Saffron to the vet today to get subcutaneous fluids and medicine. Jen, our favorite vet tech, hadn't actually work with Saffron for two or three weeks and examined her with fresh eyes. She noticed that Saffron's tummy looked swollen and had Dr. Amy examine her.

The bad news is that this occasional swelling is internal fluid caused by her decreasing liver function. We are to keep a close eye on her and watch signs of her disease progressing (more fluid build-up, labored breathing, lack of appetite, etc.).

The good news that she acts like she feels good: she is purring a lot, eating a lot, and perkier than she has been for weeks (now that she no longer has an intestinal infection).

There are medications that can help improve her liver function (Denosyl and Marin) but they have to be taken orally. You'd be amazed at how hard it is to pill a 5-pound cat, how long she can hold a pill in her mouth before spitting it across the room, and how furious the attempts make her. It's not worth stressing her out.

Jen told me you can buy the same medicine in capsule form at the health store, where it's called Milk Thistle. Theoretically, all you have to do is open the capsule and mix the powder in her food. The powder seemed tasteless and odorless to me, but Saffron disagrees. So far we've tried mixing small amounts of the medicine with smoked salmon, Gerber's, cheese (including smelly Stilton), and smoked trout. She eats the unadulterated food and leaves the food with the medicine. SIGH. It's a good thing she no longer needs antibiotics, because she won't take any food with those either! She is too smart for her own good.

We are going to keep trying to give her the Milk Thistle. I'm trying to focus on the positive (she feels good, is perky, etc.) and remind myself that we (and our wonderful vets!) are doing all we can but I'm afraid her time is running out.

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Organic Girl said...

I just went through a simular situation, you may contact me for a holistic recipe if you like.

Gods Blessings on you and your Gaurdian