Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Tips

I don't shop on Black Friday (no deal worth getting up that early for or worth the hassle. I did notice a cool tip in the newspaper the other day. Here is it from an online source:

4. Get the best price without hassles by knowing price-match and return policies. Many stores offer price-match guarantees (if a competitor offers a lower price, they'll match it). Increasingly, Black Friday sales are exempt from all this. Others have a return policy that, in effect, is a price-match guarantee for the store itself (if they drop the price, the difference is later refunded to you if you ask for it). If you know which product you want to buy, and can find a store with a price-match guarantee that honors Black Friday prices, buy it! When Black Friday rolls around, you can go looking for the best price, and not have to worry about whether the store is out of stock. If a store is willing to refund the difference between its own normal price and its Black Friday price, buy it early for the same reason.
Read more at 12 Black Friday Secrets Retailers Don't Want You To Know. Happy shopping!

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