Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You, President Bush

I don't normally post anything about politics, but I was struck by this comic and wanted to share it with my fellow conservatives:

Mallard Filmore by Bruce Tinsley (Jan. 19, 2009):

I read this comic online at DailyInk.


Jason Fisher said...

Oh boy, it’s so tempting to argue. But in the spirit of Inauguration Day, I won’t; let’s just agree to disagree. :)

The Cat Bastet said...

That's my usual strategy anyway. :)

I figure there's no point arguing about politics because I'm not going to change someone else's views (or vise versa). I find it interesting to discuss other views, but most people can't do that without getting mad and/or arguing, so I simply agree to disagree.

It's a beautiful Inauguration Day!

Jason Fisher said...

I don’t mind discussing politics (and other topics usually banned from the dinner table :), and I don’t get mad either. I’m happy to talk politics any time you might wish to. And by the way, my view has — occasionally — been changed by a solid, compelling argument.

With respect to the subject of the cartoon you posted, my nutshell response would be: a) I do not think you can use an absence of further occurrences as convincing positive evidence for the success of a policy; and b) I think the cost to our civil liberties has, in any case, been too steep. The administration told us “the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms”, but we’re less free now, after the attacks, than we were before them. :-/

And one final comment: the cartoon claims that “every attempted act of terror on U.S. soil since 9-11” was thwarted by the Bush administration. Er, no. The postal anthrax attacks occurred shortly after 9-11. Too, the attacks of the so-called Beltway Sniper, arguably terrorist attacks, occurred almost a year after 9-11. Also in 2002, an Egyptian gunman opened fire at LAX airport, killing two Israelis. Even in 2006, in two separate incidents, would be terrorists drove SUV’s into crowds of people, injuring several and killing one. And there have been other incidents as well. Not on the scale of 9-11, of course (!), but the cartoon is misleading. Just sayin’ ...

Rebuttal? I promise to play nice. :)

The Cat Bastet said...

Your points are all valid -- thanks for reminding me of those incidents!

I had a totally different impression when I read this comic and suspect the author of Mallard Fillmore is a conservative who is more interested in slamming the "biased mainstream media" than defending Pres. Bush. I've only been reading this comic for a short time but the seems to make lot comments like this about the media.

I agree with the author that the media is biased. Some media outlets are liberal-biased and some are conservative-biased. That just means you need to read several to get a balanced view. I do feel like there are more liberal media outlet than conservative ones, but I'm glad we live in a country where we have variety and the freedom to read them all!

BTW, I'm not opposed to discussion political philosophy/differences and am not intentionally skirting your kind offer to play nice! I'm just surprised we had such different impressions about the m message of the same comic.

Jason Fisher said...

I [...] suspect the author of Mallard Fillmore is a conservative who is more interested in slamming the "biased mainstream media" than defending Pres. Bush.

And he’s welcome to make his point, but he undermines his credibility by making such a contentious (not to say, arguably false) claim. Of course, I realize this is a cartoon, hahae, and not a master’s thesis in political science and media studies. But still, I see too much of this kind of “careless with the facts” rhetoric. More care is needed if we’re all to see one another’s points and get along. :)

I agree with the author that the media is biased. [...]

I agree with you there, too. Not just the media, but people generally, are all biased in various directions. Can’t really avoid it, can we? The best we can do is read widely, discuss with many, and try to remain open to different vantage points. It sounds like we’re in accord on that. :)