Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Physical Therapy

Two weeks ago I started physical therapy (again) for my tendonitis. I've been so busy I haven't had time tor write about it. It's hard to fit physical therapy into my work schedule, but my arm has been hurting too much for me to wait until the semester is over.

Good news! I had an evaluation today and the physical therapy is clearly working (there's measurable improvement in my flexibility and grip strength, there is less swelling, and, best of all, there's a lot less pain)!

What are we doing differently this time? In addition to the usual stuff (stretching, strengthening, cross-frictional massage, and ultrasound treatment), the therapist is using a low-level pulsed-laser treatment to promote healing. This is sort of new and no one in Flint does this kind of therapy, so I'm going to Lansing twice a week. It's worth it! It doesn't hurt and is effective 80% of the time. Based on how well it's working so far, I'm hoping it will mean an end to my chronic tendonitis!


Physical Therapy Colorado said...

A lot of people are starting to talk about the laser.

Sounds like you are liking it?

The Cat Bastet said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yes, the laser therapy is making a huge difference!