Thursday, December 10, 2009

House Hunting

Yesterday the realtor took us to see three houses. I had no idea house hunting would be such an adventure! I'm so new to this that I'm glad Mom and Dad went with us.

The first house was a ranch three doors away from our dear friends John & Denise. It was small but nice. Denise met us there to point out things we might miss. I liked it but after our huge kitchen, it's going to be hard to get used to a small kitchen again. It did have 2 baths a partially finished basement, sunroom, and a 2.5 car garage. The best part about this house was the 50K price!

The second house was a Cape Cod that was listed at 99K and was about to be re-poed by the bank. It was larger than the ranch and had some interesting spaces (like the second floor of the 1.5 floors). Frankly, I can't actually remember much about this house except that the rooms were small but it did have a garage and 1.5 baths. I think I'd find it more interesting if the price were lower.

The last house was a ranch in the neighborhood I grew up in. Although it's currently listed at $107K, I think I liked this one the best. It was larger (1200 sq ft) with 4 bedrooms, a finished basement with day light windows, and a gazebo. The really interesting part was what we found in the house: an intercom system ("Scotty, I need more power!"), an incinerator in the basement (I'd never actually seen one before!), and boat (yes, a boat, specifically speedboat used for water skiing) in the garage, and chest freezer full of frozen food. Weird. Bonuses: gas fireplace, and new furnace/air, new hot water heater, and new roof. The realtor says the price is probably about to drop, so I'll definitely want to keep an eye on this house!

There were two more houses we wanted to see but couldn't. One had a bid (and only allowed one bidder at a time) and the other was still occupied. The realtor couldn't reach the residents in time for us to see it yesterday. That means the search will continue -- and next time I'll remember to take my camera and to take notes!

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