Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blog Advice from Hugh Hewitt

I recently read the book Blog by conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt. It's an interesting examination of blogs and how they are changing business and politics. My favorite part of the book was his advice for bloggers.
The key rules of success and significance are these:
  • Post often.
  • Link freely.
  • Be generous in praise and attribution.
  • Don't be long-winded too often, if at all. Brevity is the soul of blogging when you are getting started.
  • Paragraphs are your friend.
  • Profanity loses audiences.
  • Avoid feuds and flame wars.
  • At least at the start, skip the comments sections. You end up with the problem of nuts if you are any good.
  • Keep the title short and easy to remember so that it is easy to recall and type into the space at the top of the page. (Hewitt Blog 151-152).
It's good advice for bloggers and other writers, but I wonder how many people actually know this or do it? I recomend this book for anyone who is interested in blogs, whether they blog or not!

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Macy Swain said...

Hey Cat. Thanks for the help in joining the blogosphere. I agree with Hugh Hewitt that paragraphs are our friend. I've already proposed identifying March 4 as Celebrate the Sentence Day. Should we have a "National Paragraph Day" as well?