Saturday, February 18, 2006

Those Darn Box Elder Bugs!

It's February. It's in the 20s with near-zero windchill. Why do I keep finding Box Elder bugs in our apartment? I could understand it when the unseasonably warm temps in December and January might have been responsible for waking them up from their long winter's nap; however, why aren't they napping again? Where are they coming from? How the heck are they getting inside? Whatever their methods, I think they've started to tell their friends they've found a great winter hangout because the other day we found a ladybug.

Do Your Own Pest Control says Box Elder bugs can show up in the dead of winter and that they like to hide in the foundation, especially on warm southern and western exposures. I have no idea what they are living on, especially in the winter, since we don't have any box elder trees! At least we've only seen about one bug a month, so it's not a infestation. It's just a weird annoyance.

Bugs, I have a message for you: this apartment ain't big enough for all of us. The humans pay the rent and this human will squish you like a bug. Yeah, it's cruel, but it's better than being eaten by a Siamese Snowshoe cat. Tell your little buggy friends: move here and you'll get squished or eaten.

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