Saturday, March 25, 2006

Treasures of Ancient Egypt: The Quest for Immortality

If you are looking for something cool to do on the west side of the state, visit the Treasures of Ancient Egypt: The Quest for Immortality exhibit at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids. This is one of the best Egyptian exhibits I've ever seen and "the exhibition contains the largest and most comprehensive selection of antiquities ever loaned by Egypt, many never seen outside the country." Yes, you would have to visit the museum in Cairo to see this stuff.

  • Statue of Osirus rising
  • Statue of Osirus as King of the dead
  • 8-foot head of Ramses II
  • 2 gold mummy masks
  • 1 nearly intact beaded mummy net
  • Recreation of Tuthmose III's burial chamber
  • Exquisite, delicate jewelry of a princess
There's lots more: shabtis, coffins, god statues (of all sizes), even a boat! This exhibit is worth the drive to Grand Rapids and the $17 entry fee. If you are not familiar with Egyptology you might also want to spring $6 for the self-guided audio tour. Hurry! The exhibit ends May 7.

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