Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How NOT To Start a Life Together

Want to better the odds of a happy life together? Here's now not to start a relationship:
  • Lie to your parents
  • Run away from home (extra demerits if involves a foreign country; treason if it involves a city or country that supports terrorists)
  • Drop out of high school and work delivering for your dad's convenience store
  • Spend five hours a day looking for an American wife on the Internet (be sure to use "psycho" in your screen name!)
  • Base your choice of a spouse on that person's taste in music
Sound familiar? The more I read about Katherine Lester and Abdullah Jimzawi, the more amazed I am at their stupidity.

The latest news is that he's heartbroken (
Palestinian Anguishes Over MySpace Romance) and she could be charged as a runaway (Teen involved in Web romance charged with being a runaway).

The sad part is that they probably really are surprised by the ramifications of their actions. And why isn't anyone concerned that naive American girls are targets for men who want to enter the US by marrying a citizen? Debbie Schlussel thinks so: read her blog entry on Muslim marriage scams. (Thank you dr/tbb who posted this in the comments section of my first post on this story.)

Disclaimer: I know that not all Muslims are terrorists seeking entrance to the US, so don't bother lecturing me in political correctness. I'm concerned about the radical minority who are terrorists. Remember September 11, 2001?

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