Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Celebrations Everywhere

Yesterday was a day of full of Christmas celebrations.

In the morning I attended the Christmas program (a contada) at my friend's church. It was a beautiful program that included adults and children and I really enjoyed it.

Last night I went to St. John's to see the living nativity. Kids dressed as Mary, Joseph, an Angel, Wise Men, and Shepherds -- and the shepherds had a real live donkey and several sheep! It was warm enough that they didn't have to wear coats or snowmobile suits under their costumes so it looked really great.

Inside the church there was a display of nativity sets from around the world. Some families brought very old and cherished sets to display. There were crowns for kids who wanted them, so the living nativity had many more than three Wise Men, but who cares? It was lots of fun.

I ended the day thinking what nice celebrations these were. Today I read an article published a few days ago in USA today, Gift of wreaths touches nation, about an even more touching celebration. I wish I were in Washington, D.C. so I could see it in person. The photos in the article are wonderful, but I'm sure they are a pale reflection of the real thing.

If you haven't thanked a soldier lately, you can do so on-line at Let's Say Thanks. It's too late to send Christmas cards to our servicemen and -women, but it's not to late to keep them in your prayers this Christmas season. Remember that while we celebrate a season of peace, love, and light, they remain on duty, protecting our freedom to do so.

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