Saturday, December 02, 2006

Damn Weather!

I hate our weather. It's been warm, rainy, and dreary. The National Weather Service got my hopes up with a winter storm warning. Cold and snow at last! Except they were wrong (again). Instead of 5-9" we got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Yes, it got cold enough to freeze all the rain, so the ground is now frozen and ready for snow, but the stupid snow went around us (again). I was disappointed to get a big snow on a weekend (thus missing a chance for a snow day), but no snow at all is even worse. I just want some pretty, Christmassy snow to cover up everything and look cheerful.

At least sun is shining today. It's much better than the weather had for November. Faced with another week of grading, followed by exam week (and even more grading), I need all the cheer I can get. I want some snow!

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