Sunday, November 26, 2006

Season of Light

Happy Holidays! I had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and hope you did, too. I got over my sinus infection, got caught up on my grading (except for research papers, which I saved for after Thanksgiving), and took four wonderful, relaxing days off!

As always, I put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Why fight the shopping crowds on Black Friday when you can do something fun and relaxing at home? Everything went great until I pulled out the net of lights I always put across our sliding door. The middle 2/3 went out and I couldn't get them to work.

Off to Target for new lights! Back home to find they were 6' and the sliding door is 8'. Back to Taget. No 8' lights of any kind. Off to Wal-Mart. No 8' lights of any kind. Agonize over the decision, then decide to brave Bronner's. Discover that most of the population of Michigan is in Birch Run and the rest are in Frankmuth. Deal with unbelievable crowds only to find no 8' lights of any kind.

After deciding no one makes 8' lightnets any more, I settled for two 6' nets that would overlap because after all that I wasn't leaving Bronner's without some kind of lights! They look better than I thought and I am pleased with them. They are the stay-lit kind so I'm hoping they last several years.

Now I'm facing the last two weeks of school. It's always hectic with lots of grading, meetings, panicky students, etc., but at least I have my beautiful Christmas decorations to brighten things up.

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