Monday, April 09, 2007

Physical Therapy Phase 2

Today the physical therapist, Carrie, started myofascial release in addition to the my other treatment. This is a special kind of massage that helps improve flexibility and reduce pain by directly massaging the tendon. I though it would hurt more than it actually does. She starts by massaging tendon with ice, which numbs it, then massages the tendon. It hurts a little but it really helps! After the ice and massage I get the medicine via the ionizer (which I think is called a Tens Unit). She said she's is doing the latter for longer than the doc prescribed because the inflammation was so bad at first that I couldn't stand to be touched. It sure has made a difference!

My arm still hurts, some days more than others, but it has improved significantly since I started PT and the pain no longer wakes me up at night. I'm very pleased with both the therapists (Patty and Carrie) and with my progress! I'm still hoping to avoid surgery if I can. I'll probably learn more when I see Dr. Ross (the sports doc) again on the 24th.

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