Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saffron's Good News

Saffron had a rough day Monday (more vomiting and diarrhea but not as bad as Feb. 20). Instead of just getting her weekly B12 shot, we saw Dr. Joe for a check-up. He gave her something for her tummy, fluids under the skin (to prevent dehydration), and her B12 shot. We also decided to do a detailed blood test to compare to the tests from January. The results, which we got today, were very good. Her liver enzymes are almost identical to January (abnormal but not too bad) and everything else is good. She's perky, bright-eyed, and hungry all the time (even when she was having digestive problems Monday).

Dr. Joe was surprised and pleased that Saffron is doing so well overall. Two months ago the specialists who did the ultrasound told she was probably dying from cancer, but since then she has improved steadily (except for two days of apparently unrelated digestive problems on Feb. 20 and Apr. 2). I'm still hoping it is liver disease instead of cancer and she will be one of the lucky kitties who recover. For now she is happy, comfortable, and hungy and those are all good signs.

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