Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saffron Update

I haven't written about Saffron in a while so here's an update: our little purry girl is doing better! Last week we added Hills prescription food to her diet and it has made a huge difference. She clearly feels better and canned food has apparently stimulated her appetite for all food, including her Regular Iams crunchy food. She looks happy and relaxed and has a little bounce in her step. Thursday night I saw her playing with Sophie for the first time since Christmas!

She gained 2 oz. this week. That's significant since she only weighs 5 lbs. 12 oz.

I'm so relieved to see Saffron feeling well enough to play again. In Jan. the vets who did the ultrasound told us she probably had cancer and only a few months to live. I hoped but never expected her to improve this much and I feared I would never see her play again. We're both happy girls. :)


Jan Worth-Nelson said...

Wonderful news about Saffron, Cathy. And thanks for blogging about Night Blind. I think it makes good summer reading, especially with a happy cat on your lap.

The Cat Bastet said...

Come to think of it, I think I did read at least part of it with a happy cat. :)

Night Blind is good reading any time, Jan.

Thanks for reading my blog!

J. Michael Held said...

Good to hear that Saffron is on the mend. My old cat continues to live, and in spite of his having forgotten how to bury his poop, causing the nearest thing to a gas attack, I'm still glad he's around. It's been 15 years. Funny how they crawl from the stinky litterbox into your heart, huh?

The Cat Bastet said...

Yeah, she has definitely left her little pawprints all over my heart. :)

Glad to hear your old guy is still around! 15 years is wonderful. Give him a hug for me.