Monday, September 17, 2007

A New Look

I decided to try a new look for Citadel of Stars. What do you think? Besides the colors, the only difference is that readers can now access a list of all the Labels (below the Archive on the bottom right side of the screen). Labels are a quick way to search for entries by topic.

I've been wanting to add the list of Labels since Blogger made it available last year. To do so I had two choices: add them individually to the html of my old blog or upgrade to a new template that automatically updates the list of Lables. I had customized the colors of my old blog and was quite fond of them, but upgrading was much easier and faster than html-ing (if that's a word! :) all those Labels.

I've been including Labels on my posts since Blogger added that feature and am now going back and slowing adding them to all my old posts. Someday you'll be able to sort through all my posts by category. I'll probably be the only person who looks at my blog that way, but I think it's a pretty neat feature.

I'm think I like the new look but I saved my old template, just in case.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the template has changed the layout just enough that pictures and captions in old entries no longer line up. SIGH. I just fixed the entries for July-Sept 07 and it only took a few minutes. It's annoying but still easier and quicker than creating/maintaining the list of Labels manually!


Jason Fisher said...

I like it! (And personally, I think that labels are indispensable, so it was worth making the change!)

The Cat Bastet said...

Thanks, Jase!