Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kevin Leffler Gives Michael Moore a Taste of His Own Medicine!

In case you missed it in this week's Davison Index read how Kevin Leffler Gives Michael Moore a Taste of His Own Medicine! Davison film director heads to Miami for movie premiere.

I've pasted the article here in case the link disappears.

Davison film director heads to Miami for movie premiere
By Monica Dufour
VIEW Staff Writer

DAVISON — Davison resident Kevin Leffler was scheduled to head to Miami Oct. 22 for a premiere and release of his movie Shooting Michael Moore, a humorous documentary that looks seriously at Moore, the Davison-raised filmmaker.

Leffler, a certified public accountant and college professor, said he’s been talking with David Baker Enterprises of Burbank, Calif., for a little more than six months about getting the movie contracted. “We were picked up by American Movie Cinemas,” said Leffler. “The first showing will be in theaters at the AMC Mall of Americas in Miami, five times a day, Oct. 24-30,” he said. “I’m very excited.”

Leffler will be in Miami all week. He’s scheduled to give interviews and answer questions Thursday and Friday.

“If all goes well, the movie will show in New York and California Dec. 5,” He said.

“We took the movie to the University of Miami about six months ago for people to watch, they loved it. It was amazing,” he said.

Leffler also won the People’s Choice Award at the Flint Film Festival in May 2007.

He’s been working on his film, which shows “the other side” of Moore for about four years. “I’m working on my master’s degree in making this movie,” he said jokingly.

Leffler a life-long Davison resident, who went to school with Moore in Davison, said a lot of people think Moore has done a lot of good with his movie releases such as Roger and Me and Sicko.

“I thought people should know there is another side of Mike, that he’s out for himself,” he said.

During the filming process Leffler said he was upset when he found Rhonda Britton, the Rabbit Lady in Roger and Me. “Michael gets $3 million for the film and this poor woman got $100. She ended up going bankrupt and tried contacting Michael for help, and he acted like she didn’t even exist,” Leffler said.

“My question to him is: how do you say you’re for the underclass and the blue collar person?” he asked.

With his movie on the road, Leffler now is looking for a distributor to sell copies of the movie.

He estimates his total out-of-pocket cost for the movie is about $500,000. “I’d like to break even,” he said about movie sales.

Leffler said he will be donating 10 percent of the proceeds from his movie to the Flint and Davison school districts.

While he hasn’t said anything specific about any upcoming projects, Leffler said he has some ideas.
For more information about Shooting Michael Moore, visit Leffler’s website,

Kevin, you are my hero! It's about time someone made it clear to those outside of Davison what a selfish %^&** Moore really is. I hope your movie goes national and wins TONS of awards.

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