Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saffron Update -- Not Good News

It's time for a Saffron update.

The good news is that Saffron has recovered from the respiratory infection she had two weeks ago and has been acting much more perky, purry, etc., like always.

The bad news is that we saw the vet yesterday and got very bad news. Since Monday Saffron’s liver has become much more distended, so much that she could die any time now — any time as in we might not need our appointment next Monday. She is ravenous but that’s probably because her liver is pushing on her tummy so much that she isn’t getting much nutrition from what she eats.

She is comfortable, alert, hungry, and purry, so it’s hard to believe she can die from organ failure at any time. I’m trying hard to let go and be ready, but part of me is hoping she will surprise us all (again) and stick around for a while.

I'm very glad that I can stay home with her. I'm trying very hard not to think about the future and focusing on enjoying being with her, loving her, and spoiling her.

Thank you to everyone who has send kind messages with thoughts and prayers about our precious little kitty.


Macy Swain said...

Oh, poor little Saffron. My thoughts are with you -- she's certainly got a loving home and family, no matter what happens.

The Cat Bastet said...

Thank you, Macy. We love her to pieces, as you can tell.