Sunday, May 03, 2009

Free at Last!

After a very long semester (more on that later), I have turned in my grades and am ready to enjoy having the summer off.

Yesterday I celebrated my 46th birthday with my husband his parents by having dinner at Taboon's (a middle eastern restaurant). We got the mixed grill for four and had more food than we could possible eat; I swear it included everything on the menu!

Afterwards we browsed Border's Books where I had a butterbeer (warm frothy milk with vanilla, hazel nut, and caramel -- topped with whipped cream and more caramel). It was very sweet but very yummy! (For the unfamiliar, it's based on a drink in the Harry Potter books.)

The best present of all is that my sweet little Saffron is still here to celebrate our birthdays! Friday she officially turned 13 (but is probably much older) and Sophie turned 12 (which we are sure of).

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Macy Swain said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy. You deserve the pleasures you detail here in spades! And here's to the resilient little Saffron.