Monday, May 18, 2009

Saffron Update

Our sweet little Saffron is still hanging in there! Isn't she adorable sleeping in her bed (above)?

A few weeks ago the vet tech thought Saffron was having trouble breathing. An x-ray showed that her liver is much larger and is pushing on her lungs, tummy, and intestines (which is probably why she has diarrhea). The vet said she might make it to July 4th, but he'd be astonished if she made it to Labor Day. We've known for a long time that her days are numbered, so we're just glad she's comfortable, eating a lot, and has no trouble breathing. If any of those things change, we'll have to make The Decision, but we're still hoping she stays comfortable for as long as possible and slips away peacefully in her sleep.

Saffron has never been a lap cat; she's just happy to be near me, especially if she can see me, but every now and then she wants to snuggle (below). I'm thrilled with every happy minute, every sweet kiss that wakes me in the morning, and every cuddle. Maybe our Miracle Kitty will surprise everyone again...

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