Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going Paperless

I feel so 21st century: my husband and I have decided to cancel our subscription to The Flint Journal, the major newspaper for our area. Like many other papers, it's facing tough economic decisions and the recent change from daily to a three-day-a-week paper just didn't help. At best, it was good for local news (and the funnies and syndicated columns I like to read daily), but with the three-day format there was even less local news AND they got rid of a lot of stuff I do like.

For a while now I've been reading the funnies and syndicated columns online so the Journal's change to a useless three-day format made canceling an easy decision. Unfortunately, the Journal's web site is one of the worst I've every seen, so I won't be reading it. Sadly, the same company provides the web sites for most of the city papers in Michigan (Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, etc.) so they are all equally bad. I'll be referring the web site for my local ABC TV station for local news from now.

I'd thought I'd miss reading a printed newspaper but I don't. (It looks so quaint now on Miss Marple!) By reading it online I don't get ink all over my hands, don't have to worry about recycling, and never miss an issue because the paperboy forgot me for some reason. I think I actually prefer electronic format! I still love printed books but I'm also not opposed to ebooks and magazines, especially for travel.

Now I want a Kindle. :)

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