Thursday, July 09, 2009

Surgery + Seven Weeks

Almost seven weeks ago I had surgery to fix my tennis elbow. What an amazing difference it has made! I had a regional, not a general anesthesia, and as soon as the numbness wore off the tendon pain was gone. The doc fixed the two tears, looked at the joint to make sure there where no problems, then sewed everything back together. The only pain I've had since surgery was muscle soreness.

The first 12 days I couldn't type with that hand or drive. For the first 6 weeks I wasn't supposed to lift more than 4 oz. with my left hand. Now I can type, drive, and lift 1 or 2 pounds (very carefully). I feel almost normal again!

I started physical therapy this week and we're going really slow to prevent re-injuring anything. I still spend lots of time resting and icing my arm. The cats love it because I'm available for cuddling. (It's going to be hard to go back to work in the fall!)

The doc said to take it easy typing (no novels or anything like that), so I've been limiting my e-mail, etc., but I missed blogging so I'm back!

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