Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favorite Paperback Book Gadget

When I developed chronic tennis elbow one of the things that hurt my arm most was holding a book. As an avid reader, not reading was NOT an option so I like to try different book gadgets. One of my favorites is the Gimble.

When you buy a Gimble (just $8 at Schuler Books, where I found mine, or Barnes and Noble), you get two sizes: mass-market paperback and trade paperback. Not only is the Gimble inexpensive, it actually WORKS! It's great for reading anywhere but especially handy for those who like to read while eating or read in the bathtub.

The Gimble is made in the UK and I found it in the gift section at Schuler Books. It was a serendipitous find since I haven't seen them in any other store. I've now purchased several as gifts and recommend them to anyone who loves to read.

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walnut5612 said...

I really like that and I love to read also. I am going to look for one today!!!