Monday, February 26, 2007

Here Lies My Youth

I saw the sports doctor today about my tendinitis. I was in pain from the end of Sept. until almost the end of Feb. After the first visit (Jan. 15) he wanted me to tough it out so that today he could tell me:
1. Tendinitis is caused by age. I'm over 40 so I should get used to it. Good cholesterol, etc., doesn't prevent aging/clogging in the capillaries (which is what's causing this problem). It's unavoidable and the simple movements of daily life are what trigger the pain.

2. Surgery won't help and he will only do it if I insist. Surgery would mean removing any dead parts of the tendon, reconnecting the tendon to the bone, and there is only a 50% chance it will make things better. He really does not recommend it but I'm welcome to get a second opinion.

3. My perception is correct: no pain medicines help. The only kind that might is morphine (and I don't want that!).

4. There is still a chance it will improve on its own even after two years (which I find hard to believe). The only thing he can suggest is continue to wear my brace and do my PT exercises.
I'm very disappointed and frustrated. I've had severe pain off and on for two years and all he can tell is that it might get well on its own?! Why should I believe that? If normal life triggers the pain does that mean I'll never be able to do any kind of sports again (archery, going to the gym, etc.)? I've heard the expression "after 40 it's just patch, patch, patch" but I was expecting little aches and pains that build up over time, not sudden, disabling pain.

I am so angry and disappointed with this news and the doctor's brusque bedside manner that I can't think straight. I think I want a second opinion but I wonder if it's worth the trouble. I just wasted three months (from the time I asked my doctor to send me to a sports medicine/orthopedic surgeon to today), most of it in pain. How long would it take to get another opinion, and is it likely to be more of the same unhelpful info?

Saffron Update

On a more positive note, Saffron is very perky, chirpy, purry and acts like she feels well. It's such a joy to see her acting happy and normal. I'm so glad this week is spring break so I can spend more time at home with my kitties.

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