Monday, February 19, 2007

Webshots, Swaptop, and OS X (oh my!)

I love Webshots, a web site that provides beautiful, free, photos for desktop wallpaper. I have used this site for years, even though they do not have software for Mac OS X. I've written them a couple of times asking when that might happen. I told them I love their photos so much I'd subscribe to their premium service if they ever develop Mac software -- and I will!

(Yes, I know they have a couple of programs that will work through iPhoto, etc., but they only work with photos that you download after installing the software; they ignore all the photos I've downloaded in the past.)

I thought I had found a solution with shareware called Swaptop, which allows you to use Webshots photos as your wallpaper. You must use something since Mac's OS software doesn't recognize the Webshots file format (.wbz). After a year of happily using Swaptop, I was notified that my software -- which I purchased -- was about to expire. In order to keep using the software, I would need to re-register it, and that would cost the same amount I spent when I purchased it! Be warned: Do NOT purchase software from Zonic. They do not tell you that your purchase is only good for one year and that you will need to purchase the software again when it "expires" -- and they don't answer e-mail when you write to ask them about it. Tell all your friends: do not purchase any software from Zonic.

Now I'm back where I started, using shareware (but not by Zonic!) while I wait for Webshots to get around to making Mac compatible software. I wonder if the Webshots folks know they are losing paid subscribers by ignoring Mac users? Maybe they are so big they don't care but I plan to keep e-mailing them until they do.

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