Monday, November 05, 2007

Charlevoix and Bullfrog Light Co.

On our way home from Traverse City we took a detour north to visit Charlevoix. My husband had never been there and we enjoyed lunch and a bit of shopping in the beautiful downtown. We had good timing: we arrived just in time to see the Beaver Island ferry unload (but weren't quick enough to get a picture!). Imagine the ferry was in the foreground and be sure to look at the cool house in the background and the beautiful fall colors:

We were surprised to find our favorite hotel in Traverse City, Pointes North Inn, is also in Charlevoix (Points North Inn Charlevoix)! We've decided that the next time we go up north, we'll stay in Charlevoix and visit Traverse City on the way home. I'm looking forward to that! I'd also really like to visit Beaver Island sometime. We like to go up north in the off season (Oct. - April) to avoid the mass of tourists. I assumed the ferry didn't run during the off season but was surprised to see it runs until Dec. 14!

Charlevoix is the home of Bullfrog Candles so we had to visit the Bullfrog Light Co. I've loved Bullfrog's beautiful candles for years. They are not scented but glow from the flame all the way to the base. You can see their many beautiful, seasonal patterns on the web site. I was amused to learn that the store isn't just their factory and store, it's their galactic headquarters. I even took a picture of the sign:

The store was smaller than I expected but it had a good assortment of all their candles plus a "seconds" room where you can purchase slightly imperfect candles at a discount. (Yes, of course I bought some!)

The saleslady was very friendly and helpful. When I told her how much I love Bullfrog Candles, which ones I owned, which I'd given as gifts, etc., she gave me $7 can of Bellagio Gourmet Mocha for being such a loyal customer. What a nice thing to do! Needless to say, I'm even more loyal now. :)

It was hard not to think about all the work (and stress) waiting for me at home but I really enjoyed our weekend escape.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a Charlevoix resident. I love this picture -- was telling my daughter about the sign, because her roommate at University of Colorado, Boulder, wrote a newspaper article about Bullfrog Light Co., ... Well, anyway, would it be ok if I grabbed the pic and sent it along to my daughter? Nice blog, by the way. Mine is You're now in my favorites.

The Cat Bastet said...


Yes, feel free to send the pic to your daughter. Thanks for visiting my blog! How did you find me.

Wow, I like your blog, too -- thanks for including the link! My husband and I enjoy visiting restaurants up north so I'll make sure he sees your blog.