Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Coolest Vest Ever

Isn't this the coolest vest ever?!

My friend Sue made this for me. As you can see it's reversible, with a Christmas theme on one side and a winter theme on the other. All those little pieces are appliqued on! I understand how to do applique but between my tendinitis and my lack of patience with sewing, it would take me forever to do a project like this.

The Christmas side pictures Santa and his reindeer flying over a Tim Burtonesque village. They are from one of Sue's quilt books. The dancing elf is from another pattern. I love the way she combined the whimsical elements and all the colors!

The Winter side features snowmen and cats. Three of the snowmen and all of the cats are based on cross-stitch projects I am working on -- and they look like my cats! The other snowman looks like the snowman pin we made at the Stitchalot Weekend last month. These trees are from a book by a different quilting artist and they are so far beyond my skill level I can't even imagine making them.

If you can't tell, I just love my new vest! I'm so honored that Sue would take the time to make such a wonderful treasure just for me. Expect to see me wearing this often!

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