Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brain Age and Other Puzzles

I've never been good at crossword puzzles or Scrabble (oh, the irony for an English/writing teacher!), so I've doing more crosswords and slowly getting better. The last time we went to Traverse City, I discovered that the Detroit Free Press has an acrostic puzzle every Saturday. I love acrostics! I like Sudoku, too, as I've mentioned before.

Last year my mom-in-law got a Nintendo DS Lite and a Brain Age 2 game for her birthday. The game is supposed to stimulate the cortex, improving memory. The games are challenging but fun.

As a reward for surviving the first three weeks of the semester and completing my Major Review, I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite and Brain Age 1. Brain Age 1 has completely difference games than Brain Age 2, so Mom and I can trade. I'd like to get Ultimate Brain Games and Ultimate Card Games when they are released for the DS.

No doubt all this cortical stimulation will help me avoid perpetuating the absent-minded professor stereotype. :)

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