Saturday, January 26, 2008


Whew! Things are finally getting back to normal for me. When my uncle died, I spent that week at the funeral home and frantically preparing to teach my Winter semester classes (which started following Monday). Since the semester started, whenever I wasn't in class I was frantically working on the materials for my first Major Review, which I finished and turned in yesterday.

All professors do an annual review. Since I'm non-tenure track, our union requires a Major Review every 3-5 years. A Major Review covers the previous three years. I had to complete and present in a notebook:

A Summary
The Review Form
My Vita
My Teaching Philosophy
Syllabi for every class I've taught over the last 3 years
Student evaluations for every class I've taught over the last 3 years
My Analysis of Student Evaluations
My Analysis of My Successes and Challenges
At least one Classroom Observation by someone who outranks me (I included 3!)
Any Additional Materials

For additional materials I included a couple of assignment sheets, unsolicited feedback from students (letters, cards, e-mail, etc., about how I helped them, changed their lives, etc.), Golden Apple Awards (award certificates students can give to their instructors each semester), feedback from my Department Chairman and Director of Writing Programs on my previous reviews, and the papers I presented or published during the past three years.

Whew! I'm glad that's over. I'm really glad that since I turned it in I haven't thought of anything I should have included but forgot.

What do I get for all this? A promotion from Lecturer III to Lecturer IV, a raise, and more job security -- but I won't know for sure for about 2 months. The good news is that everyone who has seen the notebook tells me I have nothing to worry about. In the meantime, I'm glad to return to my normal stress/workload!


Jason Fisher said...

When my uncle died, [...]

Somehow I missed your post about this! I went back and saw it just today! I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, but glad it was painless and quick. I’m glad too to hear that you’re career is moving to the next level. Congrats on that. :)

The Cat Bastet said...

Thanks, Jase. Losing him was awful but it could have been much worse. Even so, it was a terrible start to the new year and the new semester.

At least things at work are good. :)

Thanks again!