Friday, July 06, 2007

R.I.P. Captain America

Have you heard the news?! Captain America Buried at Arlington National Cemetery. What is wrong with these writers? They can't kill Cap! He symbolizes our country, so what are they saying about our country?

They didn't even kill him heroically: "He was headed to court after refusing to sign the government's Superhero Registration Act, a move that would have revealed his true identity. A sniper who fired from a rooftop was captured as police and Captain America's military escort were left to cope with chaos in the streets."

If he's going to die, Cap should die saving the President or doing something equally heroic. Apparently the writers are more interested in writing about the grief, depression, etc. caused by the death of a beloved American superhero.

My husband tells me to be patient because the comic industry is notorious for undoing stories like this. He's right but it still frustrates me. Many comics are very well-written with complicated and sophisticated story lines that enjoy, but I quit reading them when the writers had Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan go insane and kill the entire Green Lantern Corps. He then redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to save Earth but it made me so mad I couldn't wait several years for them to undo the story, so I stopped reading.

At least I know Cap got a really good funeral and he'll be back ... eventually.

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