Friday, December 07, 2007


My uncle was tired but OK when my husband and I stopped by to see him today. They let us interrupt his PT to say hello and saved his homemade lasagna for him to have with supper. He’s much less confused but exhausted from the PT. We all keep reminding him that he needs the PT to rebuild his strength.

We missed an eye doctor appointment after the TIA so yesterday I gave the nurse the info about his Rx eye drops (for an eye infection). Today my uncle asked if we could see the eye doc tomorrow and I assured him that he didn’t need a trip to the eye doc just for drops. The drops will probably arrive with his evening medicine and I hope they work quickly!

Bad news for me: Social Security says his birth date doesn’t match their records so Medicare won’t pay for rehab. He's 85, which means he signed up for Social Security over 20 years ago and has had no problems, and NOW suddenly there's a problem? HOLY CRAP! Now I have to deal with the Social Security Office. I tried calling them and their voice mail directed to the right form I needed to request but it will take two weeks to get here -- and God only knows how long to straighten out after I submit the form. I want to go to the Social Security Office and talk to a human being. Since I didn’t hear about this until Friday afternoon, guess where I’ll be going Monday? I don't need this on top of everything else that has happened, especially since I'm still trying to catch up from the last two weeks AND finish my end-of-the-semester-grading. It’s just one damn thing after another...

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