Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Good Day

Everyone is having a good day today! When I saw my uncle Thursday he alternately thought he was at home, knew he was in rehab, or wasn't sure where he was. Today he was totally clear and understood everything, including the fact that he needs to get well enough to go home. He asked how many days until Christmas, wanted to get cash to put in everyone's Christmas cards, and wanted me to be sure to take all the supplies from his house so I could make Pecan Pies for Christmas. Wow! I hope he has many, many more such good days.

It's been a while since I posted an update about Saffron. After a rough day yesterday she, too, is doing well. Here she is in her Christmas village:

Yesterday we went to the vet to get her meds and quick check-up. She lost 3 oz. last week (which is a lot when you only weight about 5.5 lbs!) and has been scratching her ear for a couple of days. I tried wiping it out with baby oil and cottonball, but couldn't see anything.

At the vet's office Saffron decided she didn't want anyone to touch her, so they had to give her a whiff of gas to knock her out before her exam. (Poor baby!) It's a good thing they did: she has always had sensitive ears she won't let anyone touch and both were full of wax and infection (yeast and bacteria). They had to clean and medicate her ears, which they'd never be able to do if she were awake. While she was out the also did a blood test to see how her liver and other organs are doing, just in case the weight loss is due to her liver disease. She was only out for a few minutes, groggy for a few more, and wide awake and grooming by the time we went home. Her ears were immediately better and she was no longer scratching.

Good news: Dr. Joe called today with the blood test results. Some liver numbers are a little better, some are a little worse. Everything else is good, especially for a cat her age (11). Translation: she is holding her own. The weight loss was most likely due to the ear infections making her not feel well; we'll know for sure if/when she gains weight next week. We don't know how much time she has left, but for now her liver is OK, she's relaxed, happy, eating well, and enjoying life. That's all I want: for her to have the normal, happy life of a pampered indoor kitty.

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