Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good News!

I went to the Social Security Administration this morning and it only took 15 minutes to fix the problem with my uncle's birth date. Apparently they have always had the wrong day for his birthday and no one noticed until now. The nice man who helped me updated it in the computer system, so it will be all set tomorrow.

I've been so busy trying to finish my end-of-the semester grading that I haven't seen my uncle for two days. Everyone who has visited (and the nurses) tell me he is doing better physically and he is less confused.

I'm still having a few problems connecting the university network and e-mail from home (a problem that started late last week) but it's much better. I just finished grading my three freshman comp classes and am posting everything in Blackboard now. Three classes down, one to go. Things are definitely looking up!

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