Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still Thinking

Today, as I was finally heading work for the first time in nearly two weeks, the social worker from Genesys called. He said my uncle was being released tomorrow and I had to decide in a rehab facility today. When I got to work I frantically called my buddy Anita (a social worker who specializes in senior care) and asked her which rehab facilities she recommends and which to avoid.

Then I went to see my uncle. He's still confused, but is improving as they get his sodium level and electrolytes under control. That's a relief! His nurse told me there is no way he can be released tomorrow because he still has a tube in his chest. Another relief.

When I got home I called my uncle's friend Carol (another social worker who specializes in senior care) and got her input. At her urging, I called the social worker and told him which facilities I was considering and I didn't want him moved until it was safe to do so and I had time to make an informed decision, including visiting the facilities. Then I called the attending physician told him the same thing. He said I was doing the right thing and he wouldn't let the social worker push me into making a decision. Whew!

Interestingly, Anita, Carol, and the doctor recommend the same three facilities. That makes my job of selecting one a little easier! Now I just need to find time to visit them and choose one. I want to choose one where he can go for rehab but that also has extended care in case doesn't get well enough to go home. That's a horrible possibility and I dread making the decision.

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