Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Ready

I started a Tai Chi class in the fall and I love it. I feel so relaxed and energized after each class session!

Since I won't be able to lift or drive for 6 weeks after surgery, that also means no Tai Chi. :(

I'm taking the class for stress reduction so now that I'm feeling really stressed what does the doc say? No Tai Chi. Oh, the irony.

I have a phobia about general anesthesia (based on bad experiences I had during multiple ear surgeries as a child) and I'm starting to get nervous about my abdominal surgery next week. Since I can't do Tai Chi, I'm working on my Tai Chi meditation with lots of positive and healing imagery. It's helping some (but so does anxiety medicine). At this point, I'll just be glad when the surgery is over.

I have a few work-related things to do Monday. After that I'm really going to focus on relaxing and de-stressing. It will be hard but I know it will help with anxiety and healing, or so my doc, nurses, and Tai Chi instructor all tell me. Wish me luck!

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