Monday, January 09, 2012


I'm expecting to lie around a lot during my recovery from abdominal surgery. Since I may not even be comfy with a laptop on my lap, I splurged and bought an iPad 2.

I have to admit, it IS cool. So thin, so light, so pretty! (Of course it's pretty, it was designed by Apple.)

My husband loves his iPad and recommended lots of work-related apps:

Course Smart (access your textbooks as e-books)
Blackboard (access your online classes)
The CIA Factbook (a favorite reference tool)
Pages (like Word for the iPad)

He also recommended AppStart which introduces you to many useful apps (described by category) and Netflix (watch movies and TV shows, including every episode of Star Trek every made).

Of course, everyone suggested I download the Angry Birds game. ($%^& addictive game!)

So far, I love my iPad. I can't access the instructor tools in Blackboard so I'll still use my laptop for grading, but the iPad will be great for travel and for when I'm recovering from surgery. So far my favorite app is Netflix. I'm watching the BBC's new, modern Sherlock Holmes.

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