Thursday, January 05, 2012

Surgery (Again!)

In the fall I learned I have a painful condition called Adenomyosis. It's "a condition in which endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, is present within and grows into the muscular walls of the uterus."

I'm thankful I only have pain and not all the other symptoms listed on the Mayo Clinic web site! Strangely, I don't have any of the risk factors (childbirth or prior uterine surgery). Since I'm in my 40s, I thought the symptoms were the beginning of menopause. Nope.

Unfortunately, the Adenomyosis getting worse and the only cure is a complete hysterectomy. I'll be having surgery Jan. 18, so I had to scramble to re-do my lesson plans at the last minute and make arrangements to work at home. Fortunately, my on-campus class does not mind becoming an online class during the 6 weeks or so while I can not drive. Thanks, guys! You made my life a little easier.

I'm hoping that, like my elbow reconstruction surgery, I'll feel better immediately after the surgery. Not lifting or driving for 6 weeks will be hard, but at least I won't have cast! Yay!

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