Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Sports Doc and New Hope

Today I went to Lansing to see Dr. Herb Ross about my tendonitis. He is the sports doctor who fixed my knee 15 years ago when we lived in Lansing. After seeing the jerk at Genesys in Flint, I wanted a second opinion and I knew I exactly who I wanted to see. I'm so glad I did!

Dr. Ross was appalled that the jerk in Flint was so rude and unhelpful. In a very polite and professional way he told the exact opposite: it's not age related, it's not blood-supply related, there are non-surgical things we can try, surgery does not involve cutting the tendon and permanently weakening it, and there are pain medications other than morphine that will help! Oh, and I'm not imagining it: sudden barometric changes do make it hurt. Finally, if I do eventually need surgery, it just means removing scar tissue, not cutting the tendon. Wow, just hearing all that made me feel better!

When he examined my arm he could see the damage and atrophy. I'm not sure how much is from the original injury. He did say I only really need the forearm brace for physical therapy and to stop the muscle-building exercises. Some of them are doing more damage than good.

I started my treatment today, too. Instead of another shot in the tendon, which I was glad to avoid, he gave me prescriptions for two anti-inflammatories (for about 10 days). They are the same meds that I have injected in the past, but he says the pills actually work better. I also have a prescription for physical therapy and I see Dr. Ross again in about 6 weeks.

Between the drive to Lansing and back, two hours at Dr. Ross’s office, and a long wait at the pharmacy, I needed a nap when I got home! I'm tired and my arm still hurts, but now I have hope that it will improve soon, that it can heal, and I can't begin to tell you what a huge difference that makes.

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