Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saffron Update

Saffron spent the day with the vet today. She was fine when we were there yesterday for her weekly B12 shot but this morning she had so much sudden vomiting and diarrhea that I was afraid to leave her. We both needed to go to work, so I called the vet in a panic.

Dr. Amy saw Saffron immediately. She looked good and was no longer having digestive problems when we got there. Dr. Amy assured me it was probably just a bug (bacterial), maybe from something she ate, and not her disease. We don't use any of the tainted pet foods that were just in the news, so thank goodness we didn't have to worry about that!

Saffron stayed with Dr. Amy while I went to work. She got some fluid under the skin to prevent dehydration and an antibiotic shot. Instead of putting her in the boarding kennel, they kept her in the work room where they could keep a close eye on her. She got good care and expanded the size of her Briarwood fan club at the same time!

When I called between my classes to check on her, she was doing fine but wouldn't eat for them. She was very glad to see me when I picked her up after work, rubbing her little face all over my hands. She was very glad to get home where she ran right to her food and water for a snack!

She looks great, has no more digestive problems, and acts like she feels good. She seems to have more energy than usual. I don't know if it's the fluid, the antibiotics, or if she's just happy to be home; I'm just relieved to see her acting so well!

Thank you to everyone who has been asking about her and who warned us about the tainted pet foods!

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