Saturday, March 31, 2007

Physical Therapy Day 2

I had my second physical therapy session yesterday. The first thing I did was ask why my arm hurt so much after the first visit! The therapist assured it was probably from the tests (measuring my grip, etc.), not from the treatment. To make sure it was more comfortable this time she put the patch next to the tendon instead of right in top. She also set the machine to an even lower setting. It took more than half an hour, but my iPod and I were ready.

It didn't hurt at all yesterday and didn't wake me up last night. Woo hoo! Progress at last! Today I am finally caught up on my grading after spending 2.5 weeks grading the same batch of papers. I've never taken so long to return papers and my students have been very understanding, but it's a huge relief to not have them hanging over me! I'll post them to Blackboard tomorrow and have a few non-grading days before my 112 students turn in their research papers next Fri.

After my bad experience with the doctor at Genesys, it's simultaneously a relief and a distress to have a good sports doctor and two physical therapists say, "Wow, you've had a really rough time." It's nice to have them confirm that this is an unusually bad case of tendonitis, but I'm ready for to be over. I'm glad I'm on the right track now.

Grade-free and pain-free is wonderful feeling. :)

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