Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Physical Therapy Day 1

I started physical therapy today and it was not what I expected! The therapist reviewed my history, examined my arm, and measured everything (muscles, grip, etc.). For treatment she put medicine on a patch, put it on the sore spot, and hooked it up to an ionizer. Basically, electric pulses ionize the medicine into the tissue. For now our goal is rest, healing, and pain reduction. When those improve we move on to a different kind of massage and, eventually, exercise. It hurt a little at first but then she adjusted the level of stimulation. It took about half an hour so I was glad I had my iPod with me! I had to leave the patch on for two additional hours after the treatment. For now I’ll be getting PT three days a week and the therapist said I should notice improvement after a couple of sessions.

It hurt again when I got home so I ended up resting and sleeping instead of grading (as I had hoped). I’m simultaneously relieved (that I’ve started therapy and it should help soon) and frustrated (because I’m still so far behind on my grading). Thank goodness my students are so patient!

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