Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nigerian Scam Revenge

I just heard this on the latest NPR Technology podcast: "Scam-Baiters" Turn Tables on Would-Be Cons. The best part is "One scam-baiter convinced his correspondent to film a reenactment of the "Dead Parrot" sketch from Monty Python" and humiliated him by posting it on YouTube. As you can guess, it's wildly popular.

Follow the link to read all about it on Xeni Jardin's blog, including links to the Nigerian Dead Parrot sketch on YouTube and the e-mail behind the video.

I'm so glad to see someone fighting back against the Nigerian scammers. I wish I'd thought of it but I lack the technical saavy for dealing with scammers.

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Horror Movie Whore said...

I spent an hour reading the email transcripts detailing the flip-flop perpetrated on the scammer. Call me morbid, but I love to see the righteous indignation of idiots. I hope the actors he owes cut his balls off.