Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool Source: Science Daily

I've started reading a new web site called Science Daily. It has current articles on all aspects of science (health, medicine, astronomy, archaeology, technology, etc.). At the end of each article is the original source, usually a scholarly journal, and it shows you how to correctly site the Science Daily article (in MLA or APA format). Wow! What a fabulous site for science and research geeks (like me :).

How did I find this wonderful site? My buddy, Mitch Gann, frequently links to it in his Boomer Blog. Thanks, Mitch!

Here's an example of the neat articles in Science Daily:
Evidence Of Water Found Deep Within The Moon: Dampens Moon-formation Theory

ScienceDaily (July 10, 2008) — A Brown University-led research team has for the first time discovered evidence of water that came from deep within the Moon, a revelation that strongly suggests water has been a part of the Moon since its early existence – and perhaps ever since it was created by a cataclysmic collision between the early Earth and a Mars-sized object about 4.5 billion years ago.

Read the whole thing
Be sure to scroll to the end to see how to cite the article in MLA or APA format. Cool, eh?

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