Thursday, July 24, 2008

Harry Potter Park at Disney World -- and new HP Short Story

Woo Hoo! Disney is adding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to its Universal Studios park.

Based on books and movies, with J.K. Rowling's approval (of course), the park will open late 2009. Follow link above for photos, more info, and to sign up for e-mail updates.

My dear friend Denise is a Disney travel agent (you can reach her through Magical Journeys) and she can confirm The Wizarding World will include Hogwarts castle, the village of Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley.

I can hardly wait! I'm getting my witch's hat and heading for Platform 9 3/4...

UPDATE July 25: I just learned that J. K. Rowling has written a short story featuring Sirius Black and James Potter. Read why on Jason Fisher's blog Lingwë - Musings of a Fish. He also has a link directly to the story.

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